Todd Shimkus
To engage our members, their employees and our community in a movement to make Saratoga one of the healthiest places to live and work.
We launched the #healthysaratoga movement in June as part of a Chamber led effort to celebrate National Employee Wellness Month. The activities were coordinated and supported by our Health and Wellness Council which itself was formed in late 2013 and now includes more than 100 participating members. The activities included: a #healthysaratoga lunchtime wellness walk, a #healthysaratoga breakfast with a panel of employee wellness experts; and a #healthysaratoga mixer and expo where members of the Health and Wellness Council could setup a table for free to share their expertise with our members. We also sent weekly #healthysaratoga emails to our entire database to showcase what efforts our members were taking with their employees to celebrate wellness using profiles we wrote in advance as well as content provided to us via member use of the #healthysaratoga hashtag. We created a #healthysarata page on our website which also includes a pdf developed by the Council to promote six simple steps every employer can take to create a healthy workplace.