Business Walk Program

Alexandra Chavez
In 2011, the Marana Chamber launched our Business Walk program, bringing the conversation straight to the business community’s door.
Our program was modeled after the Sacramento Metro Chamber’s Business Walk, which conducted a simple three question survey to each business in the community. The Town of Marana and Chamber sought to build upon that model to create a unique and community focused program. Our outcome was truly exceptional, our teams of volunteers consisted of one representative from the Town and one representative from the Chamber. Each team went door-to-door meeting with businesses in the community to find out: how’s business, what they need, and what they enjoy about the community. This program was wildly successful and well received. Our Mayor was partnered with a young business owner conducting surveys and visiting with local businesses, this a great example how adding this element to our program a made a big impact and created synergistic approach to check the pulse of the business community.